Tempered glass screen protector for iPhone Xs Max

The Macally TEMP is a very thin (0,33 mm) yet extremely hard (9H) tempered glass screen protector that protects your iPhone’s OLED display with 3D touch against scratches, caused by keys in your pocket for instance, and cracks due to drops. If you drop your phone or hit your iPhone's display with an object, the TEMP will absorb the impact and break to save your iPhone's display.
The Macally TEMP is easy to apply and leaves no bubbles. It has rounded edges to follow your iPhone’s display for a perfect fit and maximum protection. The Oleophobic coating not only protects the display against scratches, but also reduces finger prints and makes them easy to remove with a soft cloth. The Macally TEMP is highly transparent and touch responsive.
The Macally TEMP is case-friendly (fits iPhone while in a case), easy to remove and doesn’t leave any residue behind. The package includes TEMP tempered glass screen protector, wet wipe, soft cleaning cloth, 4 dust removers and user guide.
  • Premium material with rounded edges for a perfect fit and maximum protection
  • Easy application, leaves no bubbles
  • Very thin (0.33 mm) and extremely hard to resist impacts  up to 9H
  • Highly transparent and touch sensitive
  • Smooth oleophobic coating to resist scratches and reduce finger prints
  • Easy to remove, doesn't leave any residue behind
  • iPhone case friendly design (fits iPhone while in a case)
System requirements
  • iPhone Xs Max
Package contents
  • TEMPXSM screen protector,  wet wipe, soft cleaning cloth, 4 dust removers and user guide
€ 12,95

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