Car dashboard mount with magnetic holder for iPhone/smartphone
The Macally MDASHMAG2 is a compact car dashboard mount with a magnetic holder for iPhone/smartphone that doesn’t obstruct your view while you drive. It mounts securely on your dashboard and allows you to do hands-free phone calls and use your iPhone/smartphone as a navigator. The holder has a 100% safe* and 50% more powerful Neodymium magnet and holds securely any size iPhone/smartphone, also while in a protective case. Drive safe with the Macally MDASHMAG2!
  • Dashboard mount offers the best viewing angle for navigation without blocking your driving view
  • Mounts securely on most car dashboards with a textured or curved surface
  • Supreme adhesion to dashboard, built to withstand extreme temperatures within -20°C (-4º F) and 80°C (176°F)
  • Magnetic holder securely holds any size iPhone/smartphone and most GPS*, also while in a protective case
  • 100% safe** and reliable Neodymium magnet, 50% stronger than regular magnets
  • Includes MDASHMAG, four metal plates and user guide
* For the mount to be able to hold the iPhone/smartphone it is required to attach the included metal plate to the iPhone/smartphone or its case.
** Do NOT use with iPod classic or any device with hard drive. The strong magnetic fields of the Neodymium magnet that is a part of this product can damage magnetic hard drives and other similar devices.
***Available in limited territories only.
€ 19,95

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