IceCam II


Q: Why do I get black screen from my IceCam II?

A: Please note IceCam2 is designed to work on a computer with USB 2.0 high speed bus. Computer with USB 1.1 speed may result in black screen for video due to low USB 1.1 speed rate. Users are recommended to check USB bus speed in Mac System Profiler or Device Manager of Windows PC for USB bus verification.


Q: My IceCam II doesn't work with Skype

A: Macally IceCam II will be recognized as an USB 1.1 device when connected to a computer with USB 1.1 port. Since the newest Skype version supports high speed USB 2.0 web cameras only, your IceCam II will not be recognized by this application. Solution is to upgrade your computer with an USB 2.0 port.