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Macally's WifiSd was also reviewed on the Gadgetzz blog and it received a good review.

According to reviewer: "And after testing it for a few weeks i have to say I was surprised, this seems like a gadget you might not use that often. However with it being a portable battery as well, you find yourself bringing it along everywhere, and It’s especially great if you are a photographer"

Wi-Fi SD

Macally’s Wi-Fi Pocket drive - Make SD or USB storage Wireless!


According to the reviewer: "This is ideal for those who enjoy their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as a device to watch movies, when their internal capacity has left them short."


According to iLounge "WIFIHDD can be used as a full desktop hard drive solution in addition to its portable functionality"


According to iLounge: "As a whole, WIFISD is a very good solution, and worthy of our strong general recommendation"