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Macally Flexible Protective Frame for iPhone 6 Review

If you are looking for a minimal case, or are still one of those rare birds who prefers no case at all on their $800+ handheld devices, I can confidently recommend the Macally Flexible Protective Frame. It looks good, provides some measure of protection (possibly more than it admits), and is ridiculously inexpensive. 


Macally's MCDOCKL presented as a "Classy and very stable product" in the French magzine "Votre et Vous" - March 2014 issue

The product was given a good 4.5out of 5 rating.

2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers' Guide by iLounge

Macally made it in the 2014 iPad/iPhone/iPod Buyers' Guide by iLounge with 3 great products

Winner 'The Best Camera Add-On’: WiFiSD_ Page 129
Runners Up 'The Best Lightning Docks’: mCDockL_ Page 89
Runners Up 'The Best Lightning Cables’: miSyncableL6_ Page 81

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Macally's SCASEPA5-B received a high 9 out 10 rating in Click on the link below to read more about this practical, elegant and sturdy product.


According to the reviewer: "The thin, light, sturdy, elegant, and very practical Macally SCASEPA5-B Slim Folio Case for the iPad Air has simple yet clever construction. Hard-case protection and versatility are provided without compromising the extremely thin and light virtues of the iPad Air." ... "MyMac Review Rating: 9 out of 10, with a personal recommendation. " - Howard Nemerovski,


Macally's CMATEPA5-R gets an excellent review with a 4.5 out of 5 rating on "The Mac Observer"

In short the reviewer says: "This is the most brilliantly conceived iPad case I have seen to date"