Car cigarette lighter socket mount holder for iPhone/smartphone with 3 port USB charger
The Macally MCLA3U is a 2-in-1 mount holder and charger for iPhone/smartphone that allows you to do hands-free phone calls and use your iPhone/smartphone as a navigator. The MCLA3U mounts securely in the  CLA socket of your car and uses the same socket to charge your iPhone, smartphone and any other USB powered device.
The Macally MCLA3U securely holds any iPhone/smartphone (with or without protective case) between 1.81""/46 mm and 3.54""/90 mm wide. It has an adjustable grip and a one-touch release button to easily remove the iPhone/smartphone from the holder. The soft cushioning on the holder provides extra grip and protects your iPhone/smartphone from scratching.
The Macally MCLA3U has a 5.1""/13 cm long flexible neck and a 360-degree rotatable holder for the best viewing angle. 
The Macally MCLA3U has three USB ports (2 x 5V/2.1A, 1 x 5V/2.4A) to charge three mobile devices simultaneously. The Macally MCLA3U is compatible with a 12-24V car power input.
  • Holder with adjustable grip fits iPhone/smartphone (with/without protective case) between 1.81"/46 mm and 3.54"/90 mm wide
  • Soft holder grip protects your iPhone/smartphone from scratching
  • Holder grip release button for an easy removal of your iPhone/smartphone
  • 5.1"/13 cm long flexible neck and 360-degree rotatable holder for the best viewing angle
  • Three USB-A ports (1 x 2.4A, 2 x 2.1A/5V) to quickly charge USB-A powered tablets/smartphones, including iPad/iPhone with Lightning to USB cable (not included) 
  • Plugs into 12-24V car cigarette lighter socket to mount and charge simultaneously
System requirements
  • 12-24V car cigarette lighter socket
  • Mobile device between 1.81"/46 mm and 3.54"/90 mm
Technical specifications
  • Approximate dimensions: 270 (H) x 64 (W) x 80 (D) mm
  • Weight: 178 g
  • Package content
  • MCLA3U and user guide
Package contents
  • MCLA3U and user guide
€ 24,95

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