Clear protective cover for Apple Magic Keyboard
The Macally KBGUARDMK-C is a clear cover to protect your Apple Magic Keyboard against scratches, water spills, dust and debris. It’s made of high quality TPU material for a perfect fit and maximum protection. It’s highly transparent and extremely thin for the best key visbility and touch sensitivity. 
The Macally KBGUARDMK-C is compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard (ISO – Europe) in the following languages: British English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Swiss, etc.
The Macally KBGUARDMK-C is easy to put on and take off the Apple Magic Keyboard for cleaning or disinfecting. Cleraning instructions: Clean the protective cover on a flat surface with a mild detergent and water. Rinse with water. Let it dry completely. Do NOT wrinkle.
  • Protects your keyboard against scratches, water spills, dust and debris
  • High quality and durable TPU material for a perfect fit and maximum protection
  • Highly transparent for the best key visibility
  • Extremely thin, light and soft for maximum key sensitivity and response
  • Easy to apply/remove for cleaning or disinfecting
  • Compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard – 79 keys (ISO – Europe)
  • Package contents: Keyboard protective cover 
€ 16,95

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